Mata z kolorowymi zagłówkami „KUKO+” FLAMINGI
Mata z kolorowymi zagłówkami „KUKO+” FLAMINGI


Kuko+ seat cover protects all back space (hammock).

Easy to install and quick to remove –  just use headrest slip covers. 

Heavy duty - recomended for large dogs or several dogs. 

Double-layer - with non-slip lining to keep hammock on place, ideal for leather seats.

It is fully handmade from high qulity, durable polyester.

Waterproof materials – codure as a main part provides complete protection against moisture, pet hair, dirt and mechanical damage, and thinner with modern pattern adds unique expression.

Modern look is emphasized by accessories like headrests, trimming, threads and pockets.

Safety: U-shape protects dogs against slipping under the seats during sudden braking.  

Two zipped buckles openings.

Two organizers: large pocket e.g. for a leash; bottle pocket and small one for dog treats.

Between front seats net for air flow.

Choose version:

  • side flaps to protect doors - zipper flaps to safety confined dog in the cover (also protects against get under the cover)
  • zipper for passanger allow put legs to the floor 
  • with side flaps and passanger zipper

Lead time 3-5 business days


243,09 zł

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More info

We want to support you in your passion! Do you love running with your dog or long hiking out of town? We are here to support you, and the name of cover is not accidental because "kuko" means passion in Hawaiian!


M: width 140 cm / length 180 m
Distance between headrests: 60 cm

S: width 124 cm / length 160 cm
Distance between headrests: 50 cm

Headrest: width 25 cm / height 20cm / depth 14 cm

Size M is ideally suited for limousines or SUVs, and size S for smaller hatchback cars.

Through using durable material easy to keep it clean – machine washable using gentle cycle.

Look how to install Kuko+ seat cover: