DENGU+ car seat cover (basket) WATERMELON

DENGU+ is a single seat cover easy to install - lay color headrests to the car headrests (back of the front seat and backseat headrest).

Protects half of the rear seat, allows passenger traveling next to it.

Recommended for dog's weight max. 20 kg

Zipped sides provides to easy jump into, in addition seat cover define space for dog – basket.

Cover is fully handmade from high qulity, durable polyester. Combination of waterproof materials – plain codure as the main part of the cover provides complete protection against moisture, pet hair and mechanical damage, and thinner with fashionable, colorful pattern which adds a unique expression.

Safety: basket shape protects dogs against slipping under the seats during sudden braking, there is a seat belt hole.

Functionality is added by a large, waterproof pocket e.g for a leash or water

One size fits for bigger cars (limousine and SUVs)

Dimensions: bottom: width 55 cm / lenght 55 cm;  height 65 cm; sides height: 40 cm 

249,00 zł

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Basket’s bottom is filled with a sponge makes it more comfortable during traveling.

Through using durable polyester material covers are very easy to keep it clean – machine washable using gentle cycle.